When ordering, there is an option to choose slightly longer Brake-Bands for Ergon Grips.


The Folding Portable Kickstand for All Bikes



The bike at the left has bar-end shifters. They are fitted to the ends of drop handlebars.

Note: This is salesmanship. The actual process involves cursing:


Bar-End Shifters are Different:

Bar-End shifters have housing that keeps you from slipping the Brake-Bands up to the levers. If you have bar-ends, or for some other reason you can not slip the Brake-Bands up to your brake levers, have your Brake-Bands sent unassembled. You will need to fit them around your handlebar and "snap them together".

For typical handlebars and levers Brake-Bands come assembled; Just slip them on.

Third, how shall I send your Brake-Bands?

Your front brake, or both of your brakes must be engaged while using a Click-Stand. Two Brake-Bands are included with your order. Slip them over your handlebar, pull the tab over your brake lever to hold it shut.

2 Brake-Bands are included with your purchase. Spares can be purchased separately.

When not in use your Brake-Bands just cling to your handlebar waiting for their next opportunity to serve.

The Cradle size typically is the diameter (distance across), if your tube is round, or the width, if your tube is not round. Either eyeball it with a ruler, use a caliper, or if it's round, measure around it with a piece of string, then divide the string's length by 3.14  (just like your math teacher taught you!)

Order the smallest cradle that your top tube will fit. A cradle can be too large with no problems.

The cradles will fit oval and irregular shaped tubes. In most cases it is how wide your tube is that matters. do email me if you have a question: info@Click-Stand.com

Cradles are available in four sizes. The millimeter measurements are more accurate than the fractions, as the fractions were rounded off.

If your top tube is wider than 2" or 50mm do check to see if a seat-stay is a better Contact Point.

Second, measure for the Cradle size:

The "Contact Point" is the spot where a Click-Stand would touch your bike. Typically that is where the bottom, or underside, of the top tube meets the seat tube. With your bike standing upright (vertical), measure from the "Contact Point" straight down to the ground. Round your measurement to the nearest sixteenth inch, or use millimeters. That measurement is your "Contact Height".

Be sure that your bike is standing upright, not leaning, then measure straight down to the ground.  (Do not lean your bike & guess where the Click-Stand will touch the ground.)

This isn't the easiest thing to do as the chain-stays get in your way. Just measure as carefully as you can, more than once please. I will determine the length of the Click-Stand from that measurement. Please note: being off by a little won't make a big difference, just do the best you can.

First measure the "Contact Height"

 How to Measure Your Bike