I add a little of a super slippery grease to the inside of each Fat-Foot. If I don't they are very difficult to remove. If I overdo the amount, and your loaded bike is on the heavy side the Fat-Foot can slip right off. If this happens to you take a Q-Tip and any type of solvent to clean it out.

 What is your guarantee?

I know it sounds a bit sappy, but I've always thought of anyone who bought a Click-Stand as a fellow cyclist and friend. I always look forward receiving and sharing pictures, and hearing about their cycling adventures. As such I will go to any length to keep them, or you, happy with their Click-Stand. If it breaks I fix it. If you use your Click-Stand, and at any point decide it doesn't float your boat, just send it back for a full refund; by the way, 17,000 Click-Stands sold so far, and I can only remember that happening three times. That is my Satisfaction Guarantee.

I've always considered this a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, but two recent events force me to add a bit of clarity to that thought. Part way through the first year of a global pandemic, I turned 70. I need to stipulate just exactly whose lifetime my lifetime guarantee refers to. As it turns out, it's mine. As long as I am alive, and making Click-Stands you are covered. Should I shuffle off this mortal coil, or someday just stop making Click-Stands, sorry my friends, but you are on your own.

 Why does my Fat-Foot "roll" off when weight is applied?

 Will a Click-Stand work on a bike with a sloping top tube?

You bet. When you use your Click-Stand just place the foot a little closer to the front of the bike than typical. That and the rubber coating on the cradle will keep everything in place. You might also consider using one of your seat-stays as the Contact Point instead.

 What if my top tube is too wide?

First take a look at your seat-stays, just behind the seat-tube. Catching one is often a solution for wide top tubes, frame pumps, and frame bags.

 Do you ship internationally?

Frequently Asked Questions:



Yes. I ship everywhere. If I could only get someone in Antarctica to order I would have all the continents covered. Sometimes the mail is quick, typically 7-10 days to the UK. Sometimes it is amazingly slow, including a package that took 6 weeks to arrive in Malaysia. That, however is an isolated incident. The Post Office will not give a definite time for delivery.

I cap International 1st Class shipping at $25 for one or two Click-Stands. It costs more than this, but I empathize with cyclists beyond my borders who must order from my shop.

I also offer International Priority Mail for $37. That should speed things up. The only way to make this affordable is to fit the order in a Small Priority Mail Box. Please note that in almost all cases a Max-4 or Mini-4 will not fit in the box. I have been able to fit in three Max-5s and a Side-Bracket. If you select Priority Mail and you order won't fit in the box I'll let you know.

I do not collect Customs, VAT, or fees ahead of time. They don't show up often, but it one does, sorry, but it's your responsibility.

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