A Click-Stand, contacting above the center of gravity, bears a small portion of a bicycle's total weight. This is why a 100 gram Max Click-Stand supports a 100 pound bike. Still, by nature, a Click-Stand is a compromise of strength versus weight & portability. This compromise lends each model, Mini, Max, and Mondo, a practical limitation. Each supports an ever increasingly heavier bike, ending with a Mondo, which essentially, if properly employed,will support any bike. Hopefully you noticed how I slipped "if properly employed" in there. Which brings us to the topic of this page. Click-Stand Kryptonite, or the three most common ways to break a Click-Stand.

 ~  Sinking in soft soil.

 ~  Failing to engage the front brake.

 ~  Wheel "flop"

The Folding Portable Kickstand for All Bikes

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