You bet. When you use your Click-Stand just place the foot a little closer to the front of the bike than typical. That and the rubber coating on the cradle will keep everything in place.

 What should I do if I have a frame pump?

If your frame will allow, move behind the seat tube to the seat stay cluster. You should try to catch one of the stays rather than both.

Yes. I ship everywhere. If I could only get someone in Antarctica to order I would have all the continents covered. Sometimes the mail is quick, typically 7-10 days to the UK. Sometimes it is amazingly slow, including a package that took 6 weeks to arrive in Malaysia. That, however is an isolated incident. The Post Office will not give a definite time for delivery.

I cap International 1st Class shipping at $20 for one or two Click-Stands. It costs more than this, but I empathize with cyclists beyond my borders who must order from my shop.

I also offer International Priority Mail for $32. That should speed things up. The only way to make this affordable is to fit the order in a Small Priority Mail Box. Please note that in almost all cases a Max-4 or Mini-4 will not fit in the box. I have been able to fit in three Max-5s and a Side-Bracket. If you select Priority Mail and you order won't fit in the box I'll let you know.

 Do you ship internationally?

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Folding Portable Kickstand for All Bikes


 Will a Click-Stand work on a bike with a sloping top tube?