There are six models of Click-Stands, let's find the right one for you.


"Measure Your Bike"

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  • Tour bikes with panniers.
  • Tandems.
  • Tourists with their camping gear.
  • Long wheel-base recumbents.
  • Bikes with trailers.
  • Utility bikes.
  • Anyone who loads up their bike.

The Mini Click-Stand is for:

The Mini Click-Stand

The Max Click-Stand

First,  decide which model of Click-Stand is right for you. Its all about how much you carry on your bike.

   I ran into a colored tubing supply problem. Several of the Max colors will run out well before I can replace     them. Everything will be fixed, but it won't be until this spring. I apologize for the disappointment.

A note about the Max-6. I offer a Max-6, but I'm not sure why. If you need a Max you probably have a spot to carry a Max-5. That said, a folded Max-6 makes a bundle 1 3/8" (35mm) thick. There is nothing wrong with it, but it is kind of clunky.

The Mini comes as a Mini-4, Mini-5, or Mini-6. The Max comes as a Max-4, Max-5, or Max-6. the only difference is how small the are when folded, well that and money. It is all about where you will carry it. When I ride my road bike my Mini-6 goes in my jersey pocket. When I tour with panniers my Max-4 goes in the left pannier. When I ride my touring bike without panniers my Max-5 goes in the handlebar bag. But then again, its my shop. To help you decide I made two charts. Using the measured "Contact Height" of your bike you can see approximately how short your Mini or Max will fold. I know, this is out of order, you haven't measured your bike yet. Go do that and come back.

These all fit the same bike.

More segments just fold smaller.

Words of wisdom. If you are right in the middle and can't decide, get the Max. It will support all bicycles. If you discover you have made the wrong choice just let me know. For every problem, at least with Click-Stand, there is a solution.

  • Commuters.
  • Club Riders.
  • Everyday Cyclists.
  • Tour riders with a support van.
  • Handlebar bags, rack bags, seat bags, and baskets.
  • Carbon Fiber and Lycra

The Folding Portable Kickstand for All Bikes


Fourth, colors (or colours):

Third, go measure your bike. For help see the page:

Words of wisdom: If you are right in the middle and can't decide, buy more sections. Click-Stands really can't fold too short. If you can't find or decide on a place to carry a Click-Stand, I offer two frame mounted brackets.

 Second, decide if your Click-Stand should be made with 4,5,or 6 segments. Its all about where you will carry it, and how small it folds. 

The Max Click-Stand is for:

The standard black Mini and Max Click-Stands are also available in several colors. Colors add $4 to your bill. Either you can't resist, or you remember that black is beautiful.