• Handmade & custom cut to fit your bike.
  • $38 to $49 + Tax if shipped to WA.
  • Two models of Click-Stands support all types of bikes, from loaded tandems to racing bikes.
  • Made from expedition/aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum tubing.
  • The Mini's tubing is .374" (9.5mm) in diameter.
  • The Max's tubing is .433" (11mm) in diameter.
  • Supports you bike above its center of gravity, which makes it stronger and more stable than a traditional kickstand.
  • Weighs approximately 75 grams. A Mini can weigh less than 60, and a Max up to 100 grams.
  • Supports fully-loaded touring bicycles, even loaded tandems pulling a Bob! Tour tested.
  • Paint friendly rubber coated replaceable cradle.
  • Non-slip rubber foot.
  • Lean your bike to either side.
  • Works on up, down, or side hills just as well as on flat ground.
  • International 1st Class shipping is capped at $20; to Canada $12.
  • International Priority Mail $32.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • USA Patent Protected.
  • A Click-Stand is not to be used with a mounted child seat.

Click-Stands are designed to support every type of bicycle, including loaded touring bicycles and tandems.

The Folding Portable Kickstand for All Bikes


The Shop is Closed !!!

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but the Click-Stand shop is closed until July 1st. Orders placed in my absence will be filled when I return in the order received.

Please let me know in the "Special Instructions" box if you are riding RAGBRI.

If you are really stuck you can give the nice people at Bike Touring News a call; they stock a few Max-5s.


866-936-3176 toll free.

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The shop is closed until July 1st.    

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