This is a handy way to carry your Click-Stand if you don't have a bag to hold it. This is a resized Topeak Mini-pump bracket which securely holds your Click-Stand with a Velcro strap. The Side-Bracket attaches under your water bottle cage using your existing bolts.

The Mini is made from 9.5mm aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum tubing and comes in four, five or six segments. A Mini will support any bike until you start adding front or rear panniers. Handlebar bags and rack bags are fine. Choose the Mini-4, Mini-5, or Mini-6 based on where you will carry it. Brake-Bands are included.

The Click-Stand Max.


The Center-Bracket is a great solution for carrying your Click-Stand when you don't have a bag to tote it in. The Center-Bracket uses a rubber retaining band to hold things in place. It can be mounted to your bike in two ways. It can be bolted on in place of a water bottle, or it can be zip tied to any free space on a tube. It comes with mounting bolts & zip ties. It also comes with rubber padding, but I do think that if you zip tie it to your frame it will eventually mark your paint.

The Click-Stand Mini.

$2.25  ~ If purchased with a Click-Stand. Shipping added if not.

Fits only a Max Click-Stand. Helps to keep the foot from sinking into soft soil. Most helpful for loaded touring bikes particularly when camping. Please treat Fat-Feet as expendables, buy more than one if you are leaving on a long tour. I have reports that everyday use on a loaded touring bike can wear through a Fat-Foot in a month.

I put mine on when needed, then take it off. I think it makes my Click-Stand look a little clunky, but you are on your own. I will put a little dielectric grease on the inside so you won't struggle to get the Fat-Foot off.


  • Black Mini-4  ~  $38
  • Black Mini-5  ~  $41
  • Black Mini-6  ~  $45
  • Colors add $4

The Max is made from 11mm aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum tubing, and comes in four, five or six segments. The Max is intended for tandems, loaded touring bikes, bikes with trailers, long wheel-base recumbents, and utility bikes. If you intend to use panniers, or load your bike, get a Max. There is no tested weight limit; I think that if you are willing to pedal it down the road, a Max will hold it up! Brake-Bands are included.

Extra Brake-Bands

$8  ~  If purchased with a Click-Stand. Shipping added if not.

Because sinking in soft soil is the Kryptonite of Click-Stands.

$1.50  ~  If purchased with a Click-Stand or Bracket. Shipping added if not.

If you are ordering a Center-Bracket for a Max-6 it will come with a "special" retaining band. Well it's really just a Brake-Band with the handle off to one side.

The Folding Portable Kickstand for All Bikes


$8  ~  If purchased with a Click-Stand. Shipping added if not.


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Brake-Bands are a must when using a Click-Stand, and three are included with your purchase of and Click-Stand. Typically they cling to the handlebar when not in use, so they are hard to lose. However........ if you misplace yours, here they are. Brake-Bands are sold individually.

  • Black Max-4  ~  $38
  • Black Max-5  ~  $41
  • Black Max-6  ~  $45
  • Colors add $4

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